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Funeral Bond & pre-arranged services

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"Taking the time to record your wishes to reflect who you are
and the way you have lived your life.

Making the decision to pre-arrange your funeral wishes can be confronting.

Taking the time to record your wishes can ensure you're farewelled in a fashion that reflects who you are.

There are many considerations and benefits for pre-arranging and we can  guide you through all the

decisions available to you, and ensure you are comfortable with your choices. 

  • You are able to plan a Service or Celebration that reflects your needs and wishes. 

  • You are able to discuss your wishes with your family. 

  • Decisions and wishes are able to be recorded without the challenging emotional effect of a passing.

  • There is peace of mind for yourself and your family, with the knowledge they do not need to worry about funds at the time the funeral service is required. Your funds are invested securely and independently (of the Funeral Director).

  • Your Funeral Bond plan will not affect your means tested pension (and in some circumstances may assist with your financial planning).


About pre-arranging a Funeral

Crawfords Funerals can help you plan and take care of funeral arrangements in advance. This is a proactive way to put affairs in order and make decisions that might otherwise be stressful for family members.

People may pre-arrange a funeral for a variety of reasons. Some people want to have their wishes recorded for future reference, others to gain financial benefit or for the financial benefit of others, or to lift some of the burden from their loved ones during an incredibly difficult time.

Crawfords Funerals works exclusively with Foresters Financial to offer our clients’ Funeral Bonds.

Foresters Financial are a Friendly Society and have a 170 year history of protecting their members’ financial interests. This uniquely configured financial product is designed to grow and release funds at the time of your passing. Ensuring the first act of your legacy is to reduce the stress on your family so they can celebrate your life. These funds can only be accessed at the time of your passing, guaranteeing your loved ones are protected against inheriting unexpected costs.

The current threshold for funerals bonds, is capped at $15,000.00 (this amount does not count in your assests test for payments from Services Australia).

Tax on the income earned on your investment is paid within the Fund. This ensures you do not need to declare any income earned on your investment.

Governance, objectives and strategies ensure that all Foresters Financial investments are managed appropriately.

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