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Pre-Paid & Pre Arranged Services

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"Taking the time to record your wishes to ensure your Goodbye truly reflects who you are and the way you have lived your life.

Making the decision to complete a Pre-Paid or Pre Arranged funeral Service can sometimes be confronting and emotional. ​However, taking the time to record your wishes to ensure you are farewelled in a way that truly reflects who you are, can be a great assistance to your family at an emotional time.

There are many considerations and benefits of Pre-Paying or Pre-Arranging a Funeral Service and we are here to gently guide you through all the decisions available to you, and ensure you are comfortable with your choices. 

  • Funeral costs are fixed at today's prices and your selected choices are not affected by any future price rises.

  • A Pre-Paid and/or Pre Arranged is arranged with your chosen Funeral Director.

  • You are able to plan a Service or Celebration that reflects your needs and wishes. 

  • You are able to discuss your wishes with your family. 

  • Decisions and wishes are able to be recorded without the challenging emotional effect of a passing.

  • There will be peace of mind for yourself and your family, with the knowledge they do not need to worry about funds at the time the funeral service is required.

  • Your funds are invested securely and independently of the Funeral Director.

  • Your prepaid funeral plan will not affect your means tested pension, and in some circumstances may assist with your financial planning.


FAQ's About Pre-Paid Funerals

Why are the benefits of completing a Pre-Paid Funeral as opposed to simply Pre-Arranging a Funeral Service? 

Pre-Paid Funerals are as much a financial decision as a decision about how you would like to be farewelled. They secure the cost at 'today's prices' ensuring your loved ones will not be left with financial burdens of arranging a Funeral Service.  A Pre-Arranged funeral can not offer this financial security, it is simply a documentation of your wishes for your Service with the cost of the funeral being paid at the time the Service is required. 

How much money can I invest in a Pre-Paid Funeral?

You can invest as much or as little as you like in a Pre-Paid Funeral. The amount invested will ultimately be determined by the type of Service you would like and the choices you make. It is best to speak directly with your intended Funeral Director to get an idea of the costs associated with your choices. 

Who do I contact to arrange a Pre-Paid Funeral?

A Pre-Paid Funeral is arranged through your funeral director of choice. The contract is held in your name, however the Funeral Director you choose will be listed as your intended Service Provider.  It is essential to inform your Executor or your Next of Kin of these arrangements and the Funeral Director you have chosen to use. 

How is my Pre-Paid Funeral plan carried out?

A family member or personal representative will liaise with the Funeral Director who will organise all the arrangements as detailed in the contract. Only once the Funeral Director provides evidence the Funeral Service has been conducted will the invested funds be released to the Funeral Director. 

What if I change my mind about a Pre-Paid Funeral or my Service choices. 

A Pre-Paid Funeral is a legally binding contract so you need to make sure you understand the terms of the agreement before you sign anything. There is a 'Cooling-Off' Period with any Pre-Paid Contract should you change your mind about the investment altogether.

In the event you change your mind about the service choices after the cooling off period has lapsed, the original investment amount cannot be changed or accessed, meaning a refund can not be provided should you decide on a more simple service. You are able to make additional changes to your

Pre-Paid Contract after the cooling-off period has lapsed, however please note these changes may incur further costs above what you have already invested. Please discuss ways to accommodate any changes to your original arrangements.

What happens if I change my residency location after I have completed a Pre-Paid Funeral?

In the event, you move location and it is no longer practical to keep your arrangements with your current Funeral Director, your Contract can be transferred to another Funeral Director with written consent from the current listed Funeral Director on the Contract.

How will completing a Pre-Paid Funeral Service affect my financial situation? 

A Pre-Paid Funeral Service can provide many financial and tax benefits. Investing funds in a Pre-Paid Funeral Service investment can help to reduce your overall taxable assets and therefor could improve your age pension, service pension, or other means-tested government pensions. Similarly, a Pre-Paid Funeral Service is an investment that grows over time in a tax-effective environment. However, you are not required to report any investment returns on the principal amount invested in your personal tax return each financial year. 

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