Your Service, Your Choices

Following a person's passing, there will be personal and family details

that your loved ones will need as part of your funeral arrangements.

You can record these details either below in our interactive form which will be sent to Carol and Terry Crawford Funerals Office and kept on record for you.

Or alternatively you can download our printable booklet to complete and keep.

A hardcopy of this booklet is also available from our office.

Your Service, Your Choices Booklet

There are many decisions to be considered when you are completing this form or booklet, and at times these decisions can be overwhelming.

Our staff at Carol and Terry Crawford Funerals are here to assist and

guide you through these arrangements. 

If you would like to make a time to discuss these forms in person

please phone our office and one of our staff will be able to assist you.


Your Personal Details

Masonic Lodge

Your Parent's Details

Your Relationship Details

Your Children's Details

Child 1

Child 2

Child 3

Your Funeral Choices

Service Choice

A Few Of Your Favourite Things

A place to record those personal touches for your service.