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Funeral Arrangements 

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We are here to gently guide and support you through these arrangements every step of the way, providing the necessary information and guidance.

Arranging a Funeral Service can be overwhelming and we're here to guide and support you.

Choices you will need to consider:

  • ​Venue

  • Burial or Cremation

  • Religious or Cultural Considerations

  • Celebrant or Minister

  • Service Format

  • Visual Tribute

  • Floral Tribute

  • Printed Material

  • Music Choices

  • Refreshments 

  • Coffin or Casket

  • Spending time with your loved one (viewing)


Getting Started - A Guide to Arranging a Funeral Service. 

1. Call 

2. Meet 

3. Paperwork

4. Coordinate 

5. Support 


The Finer Details

Coffins & Caskets

Choosing a coffin or casket is often a reflection of our values, beliefs customs and financial situation. At Carol & Terry CRAWFORD Funeral Services we will gently guide and assist you with this often difficult and emotional decision. 

Some considerations when selecting a coffin or casket may be:

Please note: Coffins and Caskets may vary due to difficulties with supply


Keep Sake Urns 

Keep Sake Urns are often a very personal decision as it is a physical representation of your loved one and their continued presence in your life. We are able to help you select a keep sake urn that best represents both you and your loved one. To speak to us about the different Keep Sake Urn options available please call us on 03 5248 5500.

Crafted Keep Sakes

Crafted keepsakes is an Australian family owned business specializing in hand made, personalized items to cherish for a life time. All of our products are hand made from sustainably sourced Australian timbers.