How to choose a Funeral Director?

A Funeral Director is a professional Service that lets be honest no one ever really wants to have to use, but when it does come time to select one it can end up being one of the most important decisions you will ever need to make.

A Funeral by nature is a deeply emotional and personable event in one's life. When reflecting on someone's life we generally think in three stages, birth, marriage and death and although it may seem odd to include death with what are seemingly two of the happiest moments ion an individual and their families lives, death is also an extremely important part of anyone's journey. Which is why for many choosing the right funeral director to entrust your loved one with, and who will be able to honour them in the way you and they wish can be a emotionally charged and difficult decision.

A few things to consider...

There are a number of considerations when selecting a Funeral Director but the by far the most common determinant in one's selection comes down to trust, trust in the funeral director to care for your loved one with respect and dignity, trust that they will be able to guide you through this time with empathy and professionalism and trust that they are able to arrange and conduct the farewell you wish to give your loved one. We find for many trust is an instinctive thing and you can determine very quickly just by speaking with someone whether you feel comfortable in trusting them. So when going through the process of selecting a funeral director we highly recommend giving them a call and actually speaking with someone and raising any thoughts or queries you have. If they are a good fit they will be able to guide you through the practical considerations of a Funeral Service whilst easing any emotional apprehensions you may have about the process.

Once you are satisfied that you have a level of trust with the Funeral Directors you are considering it is then important to consider what kind of Service they offer and does this align with the Farwell you wish to organise. when making your enquires specifically ask about the different kinds of service options available to you for example does the funeral director offer in house refreshments, can they assist you with visual tribute presentations and printed keep sakes, do you engage with the same person for the entirety of the process to ensure unity, what are their coffin and casket selection and can they cater to any spiritual or cultural needs and wishes. Your Funeral Directors ability to go above and beyond in personalising your loved one's Service and ensuring that their 'style' aligns with your wishes is an important part of the relationship and is something that needs to be considered when making your final decision.

The final consideration for many people is cost. taking the time to speak to a funeral director and enquiring about the associated costs for the type of Service you would like is an important step in selecting the right funeral director for you. Generally when discussing costs for a Funeral Service they will be broken up into two categories being the charges from the funeral director and then any disbursements from external providers for things such as flowers , refreshments venue fees etc. All funeral homes will have a 'Service Fee, that covers the cost of the Service provided by the funeral Director including the provision of all trained staff, and vehicles, use of their venue if selected, all administration duties including liaising with external providers and third parties and legal requirements, and the deliverance of the Service on the day with the highest level of Professionalism and Service. The combination of the professional Service Fee and the disbursements will amount to the final cost of the Service so it is important to ensure you are aware of all these costs.

For many people and cultures alike death and grief is not so openly discussed and this can often leave many unprepared when it comes time to engage a Funeral Director. There are many considerations as discussed above when choosing a funeral director you both trust and are comfortable with whilst being able to fulfil the practical needs of the Service you wish to arrange and often simply knowing where to begin can leave many in a state of paralysis. Firstly spend some time reflecting on what is most important to you and what are your 'non negotiables' for the type of service you wish to arrange, from here pick up the phone and take the time to speak to someone, you can find many things out of a website but for something important as a Funeral Service you need to ensure that you can build a trusting relationship with who you are entrusting your loved one to. and lastly spend some time considering the financial needs of the service and Discuss with the funeral director the costing considerations of your choices to ease any emotional apprehension the financial side of a Funeral may cause.

If you want to find out more about how we can help or would like to discuss any questions or queries you may have in detail please call Carol and Terry Crawford Funeral Services on 03 5248 5500. We are always more than happy to take the time to discuss your needs and wishes.

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